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Live-In Nanny

Live-in nannies normally work an 11-12 hour day, Monday to Friday, together with 2 nights babysitting included.

A live-in nanny's primary role is care of the children, and therefore household cleaning is not normally included but should be specifically discussed if it is required (see Nanny and Domestic below). 

You are required to provide a live-in nanny with appropriate accommodation either in the home, or separate to it. On the weekend a live-in nanny should be allowed her own free time but still be allowed to stay in the accommodation offered.

It is cheaper to hire a live-in nanny, but this is mainly because you're providing them with accommodation. It can mean you have someone available more often, and that they become like one of the family.

Live-out Daily Nannies

Live-out nannies, also known as daily nannies, normally work a 10 hour day, Monday to Friday. If you hire a live-out nanny, they only do babysitting if agreed in advance, and this is paid on top of their normal salary.

Daily nannies can be in sole charge of the children and they perform "nursery duties", the same way a live-in nanny would.

Nanny and Domestic 

Nannies that perform household and childcare duties.

Unlike a normal nanny job, Nanny and Domestics can be hired to do both childcare and household duties.

This position can either be on a ‘live-in’ basis or daily. The duties of a nanny and domestic are wide ranging, depending on the needs of the family, but in general they involve: 

• General household cleaning and tidying 
• Laundry and ironing
• Cooking/help in the kitchen
• Childcare/babysitting
• Driving (school run, supermarket) if you require a nanny with a license)
• Errand running (post office, dry cleaning)
• Food shopping

Typical Nursery Duties:

• Making/changing the children’s beds and keeping their rooms clean and tidy 
• Cleaning/sterilising baby bottles
• Keeping the playroom clean, tidy and organised
• Doing the children’s laundry and ironing
• Preparing and cooking healthy meals/snacks for the children and clearing up afterwards
• Cleaning up after arts/crafts/cooking activities
• Ensuring the bathroom is clean and tidy after use with the children
• Preparing packed lunches or snacks to eat during activities, trips or outings
• Packing for the children when they go on trips
• Putting away the children’s books, clothes, toys after use
• Hoovering round the areas in which the children have been playing/eating in, at the end of the day

Nanny Teacher

These are candidates with backgrounds in child education and take on the role of private educators to provide a well-rounded curriculum in a flexible environment. Nanny Teachers can do much more than just basic child care and light housework; they can be expert teachers and tutors to help kids achieve academic success during the school year and holidays.

Nanny Teachers create lesson plans, teach lessons, and assign homework can do arts and crafts with pre schoolers etc. These professionals are tasked with creating a personalised learning plan that helps children keep up with grade-level requirements and that caters to the wishes of parents who have specific educational goals for their children.

Night/Maternity Nanny (Newborn Care Specialist)

Night nannies typically work with you starting the day you come home from the hospital for a period of 8-12 weeks, coming in the evenings and leaving early in the mornings (though they can stay all day if the service is requested.) The nannies handle everything pertaining to the baby in the period of time they're there, granting exhausted parents some much-needed rest — mothers are only roused during the night to breastfeed. 

Nanny PA / Nanny Personal Assistant

Nanny P.A’s help clients who own their own businesses, who require help with their childcare and with their business.

In addition to standard nanny duties, a nanny-PA takes on extra responsibilities to support the parents during the times that they are not caring for the children.
Busy families find this service great support, some parents who run a business from home incorporate some further administration duties into the role. The PA duties are generally to manage the professional and social requirements of the parent(s) (the employer). This is a very rewarding role for many nannies who can use a variety of their skills to support your children and manage the day to day duties of the home.

Part-Time Nannies

These nannies provide help for parents who only need after school care, for just a few days during the week, or when school is closed.These nannies will have less time with the children or in your home, which means that their care will not be as involved as a full-time or live-in nanny. Hourly nannies (which most part-time providers are) may also charge more to account for time they are not needed. 

Nanny “Shares”

A nanny share is when two families share a nanny. They employ a nanny either full-time or part-time, and split the cost. The nanny works for both families taking care of their kids, and generally alternates between the two houses to care for the kids and the household (i.e., one week at family 1's house and the next week at family 2's house).  

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