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Special Needs Nanny

Special needs nannies undertake all tasks related to the care of the children with special needs. They serve as loving, nurturing and trustworthy companions to the children. They are trained and experienced in child development and are responsible for meeting a child’s physical, social, emotional and educational needs.

We believe that families with children who have additional needs deserve exceptional nannies who are committed to providing the very best care and services available. Our special needs nannies are experienced and can help children with building confidence, setting goals, providing appropriate activities, teaching specific skills helping their further development, teaching non-disabled siblings how to interact with a special needs child, watching for signs of any aggressive behaviour and intervening quickly.

What to Expect from Your Special Needs Nanny

Our special needs nannies are aware of special needs children’s limitations but also help them reach their full potential. They are flexible, fun, energetic and possess the ability to remain calm.

They have a genuine interest in working with children with complex medical needs. They have a pure love for these special children, learning every day from them and knowing that they need cuddles, comfort and quiet time at home.

• Providing developmentally appropriate activities that will help the child feel capable
• Avoiding over stimulation
• Building up child's confidence
• Teaching specific skills that will help your child in further development
• Teaching non-disabled children/ siblings how to interact with a special needs child
• Setting goals
• Providing opportunities and activities to support child's strengths to help him feel successful and capable
• Watching for signs of any aggressive behaviour and intervene quickly
• Teaching problem-solving skills


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